Special Corporate Services

At QUAD, we leverage our print products and services as promotional content that persuades your customers to try and adopt your brand in Mauritius and globally. By doing so, we optimise your print rupee and create value for all.

QUAD regroups Mauritian professionals who will provide you with a wealth of proven, practical and actionable ideas that are guaranteed to carry a powerful impact on your business. We furnish you with ideas that will transform your marketing communications.

Managed Print Services


Move from chaos to order in your printing. Together, we can rationalise your print infrastructure and help you change and monitor print behaviour in your organisation.

Corporate Journalism & Photography


Not everyone is a writer and at QUAD, we understand it. Our professional story tellers have the talents and skills to handle the writing, editing, researching, photo-shooting and interviewing for any of your marketing communication be it in house newsletters, corporate profiles, periodicals etc…

Print Consultancy for Large Companies


Printing can no longer be treated as a one off business.  At QUAD, we help you  demystify the printing process and advise you on how to get the best results for your project and budget.